Important Message RE: COVID-19


In the midst of this terrible time, we have a little good news. The Minister for Agriculture has confirmed that veterinary clinics are considered an essential service. This means that we will remain open, even in the event of a complete lockdown.
The way we work has already changed and will need to change further. From Wednesday 1st April, we will be moving to ‘contactless consulting’. This means that our front door will be locked, you will need to call us when you arrive and a staff member will let you in and ask you to leave your pet in a consult room. Bringing a list of things that you want checked would be great. A vet, assisted by a nurse, will then examine your pet and speak with you via a phone call (we will call you) or a video call. Payment will be taken over the phone. Medications required will be made up and left in the consult room for you to collect when you come back for your pet.
If you require food or repeat medications for a pet, we request that you email us, giving us time to make them up. Once the food/medication is ready, one of our staff will call you to take payment over the phone. When you come to the clinic for collection, you will need to ring us and a staff member will bring the food/medication out to you.
Again, we than you immensely for your support and understanding during this unprecedented time.


Hi Everyone,
In addition to the changes we have already implemented ( see below by date ), in a further effort to keep everyone safe, we are now adding the following:
  • Please call ahead when you need medications and/or food for your pet/s. We will prepare them then call you to take payment over the phone. You can then swing by to collect (we are happy to bring out to your car also if you ring when you’ve arrived)
  • We will, where possible, use intradermal sutures that do not need to be removed after surgeries. This will mean that most surgeries won’t need a post op check.
  • We are leaving time spare between consults. This will give us time to clean between each visit and reduce the contact time between clients arriving and leaving. It is important, now more than ever, that you are on time for your appointment.
  • If your pet is due for vaccination, and they are very healthy, with no other issues that you’d like us to check, we may ask that we postpone their appointment. We will, of course, still vaccinate your pet/s where there is other concerns that you want checked. Puppy and kitten vaccinations are very important, as they have no immunity to diseases without vaccinations, so we will continue to vaccinate puppies and kittens as they are due. (NB. We will see any pet that already has an appointment booked for vaccinations)
  • We ask that you postpone appointments for non essential things like nail trims (unless nails are growing into pads), cat grooms and anything else that can wait a month or two.
We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances to any of our new ‘rules’. Please don’t hesitate to ring and discuss your issue with us so that we can, collectively, try to find a solution to a problem.
Once again, we thank you for your understanding an cooperation while we endeavor to navigate through these uneasy times. Every few days it’s likely we will need to make new changes to our policies, but we’ll keep you all updated.

 Warm Regards,


The Team at Seddon Vets.




To All of our Valued Clients,

Firstly, we want to assure you that we are open and will remain open, unless directed to close by the government or we are forced into lockdown.

As you are all aware, things are changing rapidly, as the spread of covid-19 progresses. We will endeavour to keep you updated with any new developments that will affect us here.

Currently, we are operating with normal staffing levels, normal opening times and continuing to perform all appointment and procedures that we usually do. We also have a good supply of medications and foods that we regularly stock. 

We have plans in place, in the event of further lockdowns, to move to working in two teams. This will enable us to continue to be open the same hours we currently are.

There has not yet been clarification from the government whether vet clinics will be considered an essential service. We’re hopeful based on overseas examples that we will be. 

Finally, we would like to thank you all for complying with the strict rules we need to enforce, to comply with the health department guidelines for social distancing in the clinic.

  1. Only one human per consultation please. If two people need to hear the conversation by all means we’re happy for owners to use mobile phones in consult on speaker or any of the video calling platforms
  2. Please stay 1.5 meters from everyone else, including our staff. Because of this, we need to limit the number of clients in the waiting room to a maximum of 3 people. If you arrive for an appointment, please let us know you have arrived, but we may need to ask you to wait outside. 
  3. Please use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival and departure from the clinic.
  4. Please do not attend the clinic if you have travelled overseas in the last 14 days, have flu-like symptoms, should be in self isolation or you have a fever. Call us to discuss any issues that you have with your pet.

Please understand these measures may need to change as the situation develops.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Stay safe everyone.

The team @ Seddon Vets

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